Swamp Child – Miss Disgrace: 21st Century Riot Grrrl

Miss Disgrace is the latest percussion soaked track from the San Francisco based Swamp Child, it’s sound is a torrent of contemptuous sound. Grabbing hold of the same angst as bands such as Hole, Babes in Toyland and Jack Off Jill. Vocalist Brandi Cheek revels in her garage blues sound with no notable ode to the predecessors to her genre. She carries her sound in a unique veracious way that celebrates her feminine tenderness with her demur styling.

Through their sound they combine the soulful grunge rock influences of New Orleans through the rattling perpetual rhythm of the guitar provided by the deft hands of Robb Hagle.

Miss Disgrace is an ode to their alternative rock roots with the invigorating touch of the contemporary indie garage rock sound which they take all across San Francisco to treat fans to a taste of their delectable enigmatic sound.

Keep tuned for the full Miss Disgrace EP which is due later this fall.

In the meantime, check out Swamp Child’s new single on Spotify using the link below:


For more on the band and details of their upcoming tour head on over to their stunning website


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