Surrounded by Wolves are simply brilliant with new single ‘Garbage’

Surrounded by Wolves are simply brilliant with new single ‘Garbage‘ and this is a song to turn up loudly.

After a very successful career with directing TV and feature documentaries, Josh Wong is also known to music fans all over due to his strong voice and meaningful lyrics that are a pleasure to hear. After a few years off from music, a random conversation flipped the switch on thanks to meeting a new friend, Leo. Turns out, Leo is kick ass on the drums too.

The story goes that Josh was out with a high school friend, long time collaborator and bass player Reza Cassam. Josh and Reza fell into a conversation with the Leo Martinez, a young Parisian who was taking a year off to snowboard and work part time in the restaurant that they were dining in.

“Leo started to play and both Reza and my jaws dropped, we really found something here”. This is the type of moment out of a movie or music documentary. With local and good friend Jimi Leach on guitar, the lineup is complete and this will help the band focus on their music and bring out as much as possible.

With a rough and rugged start, you know that this is going to be a powerful rock song. This intuition is proved correct here and this is proper rock music. The solos are quite brilliantly put together and this is a track to party with. The vocals are pure and I like how the song never loses its luster, there is so much energy here and the drumming here is top class.

Surrounded by Wolves are on top form here with ‘Garbage‘ this is a fine song with a busty beat and their class shines through.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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