Superterranea – Replicant: The Artist Who Created an Aural Flood with His Synthwave Hit

Describing any track as a masterpiece always feels a little exaggerative, yet, I’m lost for what else I would call an electrically arrestive hit which resonates like nothing that you’ve ever heard before.

While I’ve spent a fair amount of time listening to the synth pioneers create their own brands of EDM, the way that Superterranea lay down their synth lines in Replicant allows you to feel that you’ve just undergone your very own epic adventure.

Spacey sonic hits aren’t exactly rare but Superterrenea puts a distinctive twist on Replicant, so it doesn’t feel all too War of the Worlds. With the same amount of experimentalism as you would enjoy from a Bjork track, Superterranea brings Synth-driven soundscapes into an anthemic Rock arena. You’ll need very little persuasion to crank up the volume and envelop yourself in the visceral, slightly ominous soundscape as it reverberates through you.

Simply put, Replicant makes the Arctic Monkey’s synth dabbling with their latest album sound positively amateur. And while the vocals don’t get showcased all too much, they still bring a great dynamic to the sound, as no matter how many effects are laden on the vocals, the power doesn’t fail to captivate you. The vocals from Jessica Blaise Ward were fairly reminiscent from what you can expect from Shiny Toy Guns and Yeah Yeah Yeahs; and there definitely isn’t enough of that on the contemporary soundwaves.

You can check out Superterranea’s latest track Replicant for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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