Superstar Freddy & Low Patcho are on their grind in the gritty hip hop track, Money.Flex.Hoes

Superstar Freddy & Low Patcho are fresh from the release of their collaborative EP, The Curse, featuring the gritty grinding track, Money.Flex.Hoes, which merges Low Patcho’s Floridian trap style and Freddy’s smooth NY rap charisma. Whether old school or new wave fills your playlists, the timeless flow of Money.Flex.Hoes is bound to appeal to your rhythmic senses.

The title gives away the lyrical content, but there’s plenty more to the track with its rocksteady vibes, snaking grooves and natural collaborative chemistry from the artists that are connected through their Haitian roots.

The EP was written in Maine during lockdown when studios were out of bounds but with the professionalism of the collaborators, Money.Flex.Hoes still runs through as a flawlessly infectious mix.

Money.Flex.Hoes is now available to stream on Spotify with Superstar Freddy & Low Patcho’s EP, The Curse.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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