Superhoe flies in and drops saucy ‘The Official Adventures of Superhoe’

Comic Rapper Superhoe is here to entertain and does exactly that on the saucy ‘The Official Adventures of Superhoe‘.

Raised on the seductive island of Miami Beach in the USA, enterprising stripper Hollie Ween’s life was forever changed when she blessed an ancient wizard a mind-blowing lap dance on Halloween night. The drunken sorcerer was so pleased, he gifted Hollie with a magic gold amulet and instructed her to say the name Superhoe. Hollie was struck by a sudden bolt of freak energy and transformed into the Hottest Rapper In The Multiverse—Superhoe! In her magically empowered form, Superhoe is virtually indestructible, able to fly and can generate magic spells that enhance desire and sexual pleasure. With her new superpowers, Hollie’s entrepreneurial mind went into overdrive.

Superheroes can’t fight crime and save lives around the clock. Sometimes they need a place to go to get away from it all, a place where they can relax and do the things they want to do. In the entire Multiverse, that place is the secret hideout Superhoe’s. An ultra-exclusive lounge and high-energy nightclub, Superhoe’s lavish decor, dynamic lighting, and striking architecture, offers its guests a hedonistic entertainment experience unsurpassed in this universe or beyond.

This is a comic Hip Hop track that is a tremendous listen. This is something that I have never heard before. Hollie’s rap skills are fiery and fast. She styles in with a raspy flow that is fantastic to hear. Superhoe rips in with ‘The Official Adventures of Superhoe‘ and this fires an arrow into the rap game. A different song and an interesting twist into the comic rap world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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