Superfool Deliver Nothing But The Truth In “Smiley Face Emoji”

Superfool is a rap duo project with a strong sense of realness in their lyrics. Their latest track “Smiley Face Emoji” is in fact a direct reflection of this. With intelligently crafted verses focusing on the addictive qualities of technology and how this shapes our lives, similarly to the effects of a drug, these guys make us aware of the situation a lot of people find themselves in. These set of lyrics, speaking blatant truth, are delivered in a cool way which can speak to our millennial generation, making the verses even more impactful.

The well crafted lyrics are definitely not the only point of interest in this song though. When it comes to the musical aspect it is interesting to note the instrumental texture which features playful guitar riffs and a sharp steady beat which constantly pushes forward. Apart from this, the vocal performance quality is also very much in synch with the beat, forming abrupt and tight accents which punctuate both lyrics and instrumentation while also giving the song its very own homogeneous sound. With futuristic sounds along the way, appropriately keeping with the theme of technology, a strong rhythmic basis and a striking flow delivered convincingly “Smiley Face Emoji” truly speaks well about Superfool’s style and approach to music. Check it out now!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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