SuperAlex – Hey Man, Be A Man: Political Satire VS Anthemic Hardstyle

When I first checked out SuperAlex’s debut mix I was stung by the nostalgia of my youth. I grew up around the infectious sounds of The Vengaboys, and Gunther’s guilty pleasure of a track You Touch My Tralala. Music has changed a lot since then, the fun has been sucked out of it and replaced with pretension and grandiosity, but Hey Man, Be A Man took me right back.

The Hard Dance/Hard Style club hit is tinged with all the vital elements of euphoria that go into the making of a timeless anthem, from swirling drops, to heavy snares, the track comes with its own brand of electricity that draws you in. That’s all without mentioning the music video which is a compilation of political satire that highlights the disparity of the toxic masculinity that women are forced to contend with. Whilst it seems an unlikely visual accompaniment to the video I applaud SuperAlex for making this statement and using his platform to shame the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world.

Check out the official video to Hey Man, Be A Man on YouTube using the link below.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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