Sukh Announces His Return To Music With The Brand New Single ‘Flight’

Even accepting that we live in a world where terms such as “awesome” and “amazing” have replace less hyperbolic and everyday words to describe music, I still can’t find a word that better describes Flight than epic. Epic describes something “extending beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope” and that is exactly what you get with Flight. It is a slow building musical journey moving from chiming guitars and simple piano structures to tumbling drums, musical intensity, widescreen sonics and high drama and it is nothing if not epic.

It is also generically smart covering indie earnestness, piano balladry, alt-rock crescendos and infectious pop infectiousness, it plays with spacey dynamics and thundering drives, the vocals are emotive yet confident and the whole thing could be used a blueprint for how to write a song which is wholly original yet stunningly addictive.

If it was a book it would be The Lord of the Rings, if it were a film it would be…well probably still The Lord of the Rings, if it were a piece of art work it would be a poster from The Lord of the Rings… I’m saying it is big, adventurous and destined to be massively popular. Epic is used all too freely as a descriptive term, in the case of Flight; it is the only word that fits.

Sukh is scheduled to perform at this years Kendal Calling on July 28th with further gigs due to be announced. Further details can be found on Sukh’s official website.  Due for release July 7th, the single ‘Flight’ will be available on all major media providers with the album ‘Galactic Love Machine’ expected to drop later this year

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Words: Dave Franklin

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