Sukh – Let Me Love You: Sticky Sweet Psych Pop

Sukh may win no points for originality with the title of his single “Let Me Love You”, but once you hit play, you’ll be more than appreciative of the accessibility and familiarity which the Psych Pop single carries.

The Manchester-based artist possesses a concordant yet simultaneously striking vocal capacity, and when paired with the orchestral layers of the single you’ll get the same fuzzy hit of wholesome euphoria you got listening to All You Need Is Love for the first time.

When the chorus to Let Me Love You hits so does the resonance of the sticky-sweet melodies which come with a colourful offering of catharsis. Any fans of a vintage sound are sure to appreciate Let Me Love You. Even though there are plenty of elements to the track to which you will have heard the like of before, Sukh weaves them together through his own charisma, passion, and command of multi-layered melodies.

You can check out Sukh’s 2019 single Let Me Love You for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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