Suicide Factory – Grave: Melancholically Momentous New Wave Trap

It would seem that before his tragic death Lil Peep inspired swathes of New Wave Hip Hop artists to take to the mic to spit their emotive bars. I’ll always find an offering of vocal fragility and actual real human emotion contained in Hip Hop refreshing, which is exactly why I loved Suicide Factory’s latest track Grave. With a name like Suicide Factory, you’d never expect an overly hyped mix with a sickeningly happy sentiment, but what Suicide Factory created was infinitely more resonant. The Trap beat to the up and coming artists latest single Grave carries plenty of emotive rhythm independently from the harrowingly melancholic lyrics. Even if the sentiment to the track is pretty down, the kick and the snare of the 808 beats work in perfect contrast to the vocals and lyrics. Even with the effects laid over the vocals, you can pick up on that timelessly sweet cockney twang possessed by the London, UK based emerging artist.

You can check out Suicide Factory’s latest single Grave which dropped July 2018 on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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