After Success In The iTunes Rock Album Charts ZEALS Release ‘READY TO FLY’ EP

Zeals is a 3-piece based in Somerset, England. Their recent EP exudes passion and directness, going for a bright, lush and relatable sound.

The songs featured on their new EP, titled “Ready To Fly”, could be compared to the work of artists as diverse as The Fray, The 1975 with even a hint of Bruno Mars.

Their sound is cheerful and uplifting, yet chock full of beautiful grooves and engaging melodies. This release actually marks the band’s sophomore EP – their second studio work, featuring 5 new songs that offer a very balanced set list, somewhere in between sincere love songs with a mellow tone and unapologetic party songs with bright and wide-open vibes.

Opening track “Feel it” falls right in between these two different approaches, going for a really melodic vibe that still has some poetic lyrics with a romantic flare. The second song on the EP, “Do You Really Care”, is probably my favorite track on this release. I really love the contrast between the sampled beats and the cool guitar sounds, and the brooding, reverberated atmospheres of the song really open up later into the arrangement, making me think of influential acts such as U2 or One Republic, among others.

“Paddles” kicks in with a rocking, incendiary riffs that mark the band’s most vicious effort in this set-list – standing as proof that these guys can rock out if they so choose! This song is dead-on rock and roll with a modern edge, echoing the work of artists such as The Foo Fighters or Muse, but with a catchier approach.

The following song, “Dark Waters” brings the vibes to a more mellow pace, offering a very emotional ballad that stands out as one of the most introspective moments on the entire album. The sparse arrangement really hits the spot.

Last but not least, closing number and title track “Ready To Fly” is a stunning and catchy arena-rock anthem, where the band seemed to be able to take every element they have explored on the various sounds on this EP and put it all into one beautiful song.

This band managed to wrap up a consistently great release, with tons of beautiful melodies, memorable lyrics and amazing grooves – where different genres and ideas collide seamlessly into one another, making for something truly special – this little gem of an EP was recorded over the last few months at Longwave Studios in Cardiff with producer Romesh Dodangoda.

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