Stunning Atlanta singer Genesiz storms in with sultry ‘Lost In Translation (L.I.T)’

Lost In Translation (L.I.T)‘ is the ear-blessing new song from the phenomenal singer from Georgia in the USA, Genesiz.

Taken off ‘Love Matrix‘, the debut E.P. of R&B-Pop sensation Genesiz. Her sultry tone takes your ears on an electrifying journey while her refreshing take on the genre shows clearly why she a force to be reckoned with in today’s music industry.

The vocal range locked up in Genesiz’s music locker swings open to let us all in here. The piano flutters in like a hungry bird that has come for a meal, our hearts are fed through this wonderful singer.

Genesiz shines like a bright light after a walk in the dark, your eyes bright up and your smile gets bigger. ‘Lost In Translation (L.I.T)‘ depicts life right now as we are all a bit lost and awaiting directions from our supposed leaders. Through music, we can all feel a bit better and learn that everything is going to be okay. This is a fine song from such a soulful artist.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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