STT – My KK Remix; Who Says Acoustic Folk & Hip Hop Don’t Mix?

There have been plenty of Hip Hop/Indie mashups to check out this summer, yet what STT created with their remix to My KK is absolutely sensational. With an intro that you’d expect from an Indie Folk Acoustic track My KK unfolds as a soft yet resonant melody. The mix of acoustic and digital instruments creates one of the sweetest Hip Hop beats I’ve ever heard – in short STT makes Dream Wave sound like a polyphonic offering of insincerity.

The lyricism to my KK is absolutely on point, the Rap verses run through playfully for the feel-good vibe of the track to invite you into the prodigally inspired soundscape. STT may be versing about a pretty tired topic, yet light up the 420 vibe once more with their sweet rap verses which is so far from the usual aggressive delivery- listening to My KK almost feels like a cuddle.

If you’re a fan of J.Cole, Rockyoot or Ennio the Little Brother you’re going to love the pioneering acoustic sound created by STT. You can check out the Roll Up Remix of My KK by heading on over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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