Storie Grubb – Milky Way: Pensively Penned Americana Folk

the Length of Tomorrow by Storie Grubb

Idaho based Folk artist Storie Grubb’s latest track Milky Way may just be the sweetest Indie Folk rendition I’ve heard this year.  With so many acoustic artists already on the scene it can be near impossible to shine above the rest given the finite number of chords to choose from. Yet, Grubb’s ethereal sound creates a resonance that other acoustic artists could only aspire to. His music has an Americanised, yet universal sound has a quintessential lo-fi feel thanks to Storie Grubb’s succinctly adorable vocal ability, but what really bowled me over was the masterpieces of macabre artwork Storie Grubb creates himself. The artwork serves as a nod to his slightly darker than average for an acoustic artists sensibility which is perfectly paired with the lyrics to tracks such as Milky Way which is steeped in pensive intergalactic wonder.

Milky Way is just one of the tracks from Storie Grubb’s debut album the Length of Tomorrow, you can stream & download the entire album via BandCamp.

You can connect with Storie Grubb on Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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