Stop Teasing: MR.Slade wants to love but finds them in difficult form on ‘You Make It So Hard’

Calling out those who try and add fuel to the temptation as he wants to just be happy, MR.Slade rocks in ready to have fun with the saucy single that mixes two genres you never thought would ever be friends called ‘You Make It So Hard‘.

MR.Slade is a confident Canadian indie dance-pop and metal solo artist, who decided to break away from the normal and do his own thing, at the very highest level of enjoyment possible. He makes that fun music which has the crowd alive with sweaty excitement, all night long.

He sings with such gusto and flourishes while clearly doing what he was meant for. After being bored in the dull days of retail work, he has found his calling and ravages the mic with a song that fills your mind up with clouds of smoke, as he asks his crush to stop teasing and to make the move already.

You Make It So Hard‘ from Canada-based metal/dance-pop artist MR.Slade, is the type of song that you put on loud during a house party with mates to add more fire to night, as you take another sip and just smile to the night as you make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

There is no rush here, only a mission to fuse a new genre together and have some fun whilst creating history.

Stream this thumping new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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