Steve Ramsingh – Without A Trace: Forward Thinking DnB Extravaganza!

Smooth vocals alongside Drum ‘n Bass have been known to make strange bedfellows but Steve Ramsingh in his single “Without A Trace” artistically blends the two with sophistication and ease. With Drake-like vocals and a bridge that immediately takes you back to club bangers like ‘Wicked Wicked’, this track pulls together the best of both worlds and makes a happy musical marriage in three minutes and fourteen seconds of bliss.

Like any great partnership, don’t expect only sunshine and roses. Ramsingh gets raw and naked in the lyric. His articulation is crystal clear and honest and like many great writers before him, he carefully leaves room for the listener to wonder, to fill in some of the details. The juxtaposition between a hard hitting message of heartbreak and loss, and the warm chords and funky beats, gives the track a darker, deeper meaning.  This talented producer and singer turns excruciating experiences into great dance tracks as artfully as Labyrinth or Chase and Status.

Steve Ramsingh gets a digital gold star on his lapel for “Without A Trace” which is available on Soundcloud.Have a listen, you’ll love it!

Review by Susan Harriott

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