Steve Nichol of Loose Ends returns with new single after 28 years

Dangerous Romance ft Ellene Masri by Steve Nichol of Loose Ends

The long wait is finally over!  Steve Nichol of Loose Ends decided to let us have a feel of what we’ve all been missing for the last couple of decades once more. This is sure an awesome surprise to a lot of people that followed the Loose Ends musical evolution since the 80’s.

Loose Ends the original champions of the British funk and soul scene in 1980s, have been silent for almost 30 years. However, the lead composer of their material has RETURNED after 28 years of music break/silence; Steve Nichol is set to embark on his first solo project and marked the start of this return with the release of his debut single Dangerous Romance, released earlier this month.

Steve Nichol’s debut solo album brings back a lot of good old memories, it’s as usual, an excellent piece that’s well knotted with a magnificent music bow tie. It’s just sleek and wavy soul music.

This song genre is more of those 80’s RnB and Soul  sensation . The idea to have Ellen Masri as the featured pretty soul vocalist on this music made the song a colossal hit on its own.

The song still draws influence from artists such as Stevie Wonder and Brenda Russell, legendary and timeless artists who inspired Nichol when writing for Loose Ends.

‘Dangerous Romance’ is lyrically vibrant and calming, more so,  even meticulously debonair  as its soulful jazz-like percussion and rosey synth riff all the way up. The melody is blanketed and warmed by a synth counterpart reminiscent of the 80’s playful RnB and Soul music stereo wave.

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