Steve Garay sings about that true love on ‘Take A Break’

New artist Steve Garay sings about that true love on ‘Take A Break‘ and this is a passionate song that is full of life and love, scattered with reflection too.

This song is about a guy who need some space from his girlfriend, sometimes you need to work out if this is real. Is this lust or is it really love. Does your heart flutter when you think of her, you have that goofy smile and your day is always so much brighter. Her eyes are so bright and you feel silly in front of her, saying things you wouldn’t just say to anyone. You feel so comfortable in her company and everything feels so right.

Steve Garay brings is a indie song with lots of meaning on ‘Take A Break‘. The young singer shows us his growth and this is an interesting topic too. With passionate vocals, this is a song that was made from the heart.

Taking a break from someone you love shows courage. Love makes the heart grow fonder right?

Keep up to date with Steve on Instagram, he will be releasing his album “It Comes From The Heart” via all digital platforms hopefully in early 2021.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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