Steve Empire dreams of a good life on Hip House track ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”

Steve Empire is a dynamic singer-songwriter and DJ from Rome in beautiful Italy. Now based in London in England, Steve returns with his brand new mellow Hip House track called ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”. This is a fantastic song and adds a layer of chilled vibes for all occasions.

Steve imagined a beautiful city and neighborhood full of young people partying, dancing, singing and living life. Just like paradise and the lost boys in Never-land while creating this track. He also never meant for this song to be the way it ended up either which makes for a great story. Suburbia and Moonshine Avenue were two separate songs but for some reason, it worked. Such is life.

Suburbia Moonshine Avenue” from Steve Empire is perfect for those hot summer days while chilling with friends. This is a fun song that will relaxed you and to be enjoyed by all- young and old.

Stream this extended track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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