Stepping into the Unknown with McCullyCullen

Trying to find the novel in the music world is a tricky order to serve up, from the experimental glitch sounds of UK’s underground to the silence of John Cage, to the Toy Symphony of Leopold Mozart, it seems like everything has been tried. That’s why, when I read in the bio of McCully Cullen, that he “started making music because he wanted to hear something different,” I thought “what hasn’t been done?” so I began listening. My venture into his music started with the “Slippery Situations” EP available through his Spotify page.

I have to admit, there is a lot of talent on “Slippery Situations,”, especially in the way of guest vocals. “YOULOOKLIKE” (track 2) features some amazing singing, echoing the spoken word portions. The instrumental tracks are quite appealing as well – there are beautiful guitar-driven beats as well as ambient loveliness washing over each track. I suppose the one thing I’m just not sure of is the spoken word portions of the songs – but I suppose that’s where the originality comes in.

In a world of genres, subgenres, and mashups perhaps the thing we give our audience that is the most original – the most unique – is ourselves. To this end, I think that Mr. Cullen has succeeded in achieving the “different,” and for that, I think he deserves great credit. It will be interesting to hear how his talent develops over time as this kind of endeavour is bound to take some time to find its footing.

McCully Cullen also hosts a fun YouTube channel titled “A Musician and a Jerk” which features some charming banter from a couple of very good-looking hosts, in addition to some music.

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