Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds’ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper

Staying young in this crazy world: ‘Youthful Minds‘ from Scrambled is a new school Indie-Rap rapper that claws at you and find a hungry emcee with lots to say.

After dropping this new track on her 21st Birthday (many congrats), Scrambled from Upstate New York sings and raps with such soul and vigor, with stories of young life in this crazy world is so vivid. She has her cape on and is on a mission to do her thing, her way. This type of Independence is to be admired and the splendid style is such a gust of fresh air.

I feel some Tash Sultana here, she just has that extra bit of skill that you are born with and the hard work adds to the winning attitude, to bless the speakers with a fine song.

Scrambled fires in with a new track to inspire the youth during these wild times in the world on ‘Youthful Minds‘. With a wordplay that is up there with the very best young indie artists currently, this is an artist to take note of.

With lots of passion and a clear skill set that is improving each day, this is a single that spreads positive, feel-good vibes that is highly welcome in 2020.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Find out more on the Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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