Stay Awake: Ju$ keeps away from the heat which can burn you on ‘The Streets’ (feat. Kastilano)

Showing us his excellent underground flow with a fellow Philly rapper of high quality, Ju$ opens up the door and shows us briefly inside to an intense world that can take you life away if you look at the wrong person with unwholesome intent on ‘The Streets‘ (feat. Kastilano).

Ju$ is a culturally diverse West Philadelphia-based indie Hip-Hop artist. He fuses what he sees each day into his music like a true storyteller, backing it up with a grimy style that keeps things legit the whole way through this bone-chilling experience.

After growing up around so many different genres of music since he could barely walk – this brave creative warrior has beaten the odds that were stacked against him – to flourish upwards with a fast-growing career in his sights.

Rapped with a hardened edge that shows you that they can vividly see what these wild streets can do to you if you aren’t too careful, there is a feeling brewed that you need to get out before its too late. Success is the only option if you want it enough and with bar-heavy flows that certainly heats up your intrigued speakers – this is a real talk track packed full of those stories you need to know about – but stay far away from.

The Streets(feat. Kastilano) from the mightily motivated West Philadelphia rapper Ju$, opens up your mind to what is really out there if you look hard enough. He shows us what its really like to survive these mean corners which will pretend to love you one day, then eat you greedily the next. Rapped with ferocious flows that has your eyes wide alert and your mind racing about why the world is so harsh, this is a shake-you-into-place kind of track.

Check out the cut via YouTube and see his fresh style on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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