State of Ember release ‘Ghost Of You’

It’s always nice to hear a band that truly appreciates the bass. This instrument can be so neglected in mixes, but when it’s unleashed in just the right way, it can set a truly powerful foundation that enhances everything around it. State of Ember is a three piece band that knows how to make the most of their rock trio. While alternative rock isn’t what it used to be, it’s honestly refreshing to hear some strong drumming and some dynamic guitar work. Lead by a strong yet relatively reserved vocal, Ghost of You is a song that doesn’t need to scream or fight the listener in order to feel like a commanding presence.

There’s a lot of effort here for a song that honestly won’t break too many rules. The structure is sound, the dynamics have peaks and valleys without whispered or blaring sections, and the overall themes are consistent. This song could sneak onto many a playlist without risking being too anomalous. While some might not be able to recognize edge that isn’t skin deep, State of Ember has composure and control where many fringier bands can only flail and hope they hit their target. Ghost of You is a song that knows what it’s doing and makes me miss some of the fantastic alternative rock songs of days passed. Is there more to come? Can we revive the spirit and bring this back into fashion? With State of Ember, we just might have a chance.

-Paul Weyer

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