Starranko Offers An Anthem For Dark Times

As the world wakes more and more to the injustices and hardships that seem to be ever more prevalent as we deal with the dark chapter that we find ourselves in, more and more music seems to be charged with deeper meaning and poignant messages. Hip-Hop, rap, punk and the like has always been good at standing on a soapbox and making itself heard but it seems that only recently is it shaking of some of the complacency of the recent past and using its platform to talk to like minded individuals again.

Starranko is certainly getting his message across. Charged with an old-school, 90’s hip-hop vibe he is rewriting the nation’s lyrical constitution, the heart of the American dream found in its music and subverting it to make a point. Is this the Land of The Free? Is money king? Is division and segregation the new norms? And what are you going to do about it? Music has power but this is the soundtrack to a movement!

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