Standing up for what is right: Rich Chambers rock and rolls his way into our hearts with the truthfully-aware ‘I’m So Tired’

Rich Chambers shows his growing displeasure with the current political climate in the USA, with his new single called ‘I’m So Tired‘.

A former band member and now a true solo indie-rock singer-songwriter, Rich Chambers makes that moving-the-soul kind of music, that gets you thinking and grooving at the same time.

”Inspired by, or should I say appalled by, the events I saw in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, as an angry mob stormed Capitol Hill, I put together this video.”-Rich Chambers

With a rocking delivery that certainly gets his point across as the graphic video hits home hard, we are treated to a real pro that has seen the ups and downs of the music industry. He has such a strong voice with a driving guitar style that simmers into your heart and flows through to your whole body. He voice shows the frustration with what so many incompetent leaders have let grow for years and enough is enough.

I’m So Tired‘ from solo singer-songwriter Rich Chambers is an honest story about how this self-aware artist felt after witnessing the horrific events on Capitol Hill, as he felt the need to express himself to the world. With a passionate tone and gripping lyrics that tell you how it is, this is a welcome addition to a movement that is growing and growing each day. Finding solutions to solvable problems is the call and this is not much to ask.

When you are fed up, the best way is the express yourself through art and this is exactly what happened in this fine track. Even the most patient human has a line and this is it, right before us.

Hear this truthful song about life in the USA on YouTube and see his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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