St. Louis-based artist and producer Nikol Star shares her ultimate ‘Payback’

Directing us into her tired heart that has had enough as these impulsive emotions have taken over to remedy revenge, Nikol Star shows us what happens when you mess with an honest heart who just wanted to feel that love and affection she deserved on ‘Payback‘.

St. Louis, Missouri-based indie Country, Rock and Hip hop artist and music producer Nikol Star has that inner sense that she is ahead of her time as her music transcends genres.

I literally create for you guys. The feedback I get and the support I get from my fans is love. I just want people to know that anything is possible”. ~ Nikol

There is much to sink your teeth into on a single which is like nothing else being made at the moment – as Nikol manages to morph so many genres into one – as you might be sweating from all the speaker-shaking goodness dripping all over your intrigued body.

With an honest edge that shows us her annoyance at being left in the cold when she showed her cards, Nikol Star manages to create a riveting cinematic story about a scorned woman who loved so intently and got shown a distance she didn’t appreciate on her latest single ‘Payback‘.

Hear this intricate sound transcend your previous perspective on what is actually possible via Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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