SRG – It’s A Trap! Or Not As The Case May Be

You can be forgiven for seeing a song titled Trap House and thinking that you are about to be subjected to some mumbling rapper trying to act tough over some cheap sounding electronic beats and glitchy keyboard sounds. Thankfully, you will be relieved to find out, this is not what is going on here.

SGR instead deliver something much more interesting, much more soulful and subtle and Trap House is a dark narrative which follows the expectations and realisations of someone trying to build their own life and being defeated by the realities of life and the world at large. It plays with slow, groovesome R&B, the solid beats land with a rock vibes and the guitar work is suitably fractious and sinister. It’s difficult to pin it down easily to one particular genre, instead it slides and slithers around the peripheries of many genres, never committing to one or another bit just taking a piece of each to create its sultry sounds.

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