Spotlight Feature: Laura Loh put optimism in the vision of her listener’s future with her indie-pop single, Running

Hampshire, UK-based singer-songwriter Laura Loh came into her production stride with her latest indie pop single, Running, featuring the angularly upbeat guitar licks from the featuring artist Harry Baker.

Just as eloquent as London Grammar’s debut release, Laura Loh has exactly what it takes to make contemporary trends bend around her vision and stylistic grace if she keeps releasing singles in the same vein as Running.

Running is often depicted as a momentum-driven form of escaping the past, which is impossible to do; Laura Loh switched the narrative and created an upbeat track to put optimism in the vision of her listener’s future. As the cherry on the cake, the lush piano chords are just as sweet as the lyrics.

Here’s what Laura Loh had to say about her latest single:

“When I wrote “Running”, I hadn’t started producing my own music yet, so it was just piano and vocal. I could already hear it in my head as a full production, but I didn’t know I would be the one to bring that vision to life.

After producing a few songs, I came back to “Running” and produced it. Making this song was a turning point for me as an artist; it felt like I found my sound. Musically, I wanted it to feel like running to amplify the yearning in the lyrics and have sustained upbeat energy.”

Running will officially release on September 23rd. Catch it on SoundCloud, Spotify & Bandcamp.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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