Spotlight Feature: Denim Blue ventures into the unknown with his optimistic indie-pop lament, Brand New

Norway-hailing singer-songwriter Denim Blue mastered every genre he poured into his latest single, Brand New. His ability to pull you into the dissonance of heartbreak and make it a pleasurable trip is something no one will be quick to forget.

While the guitars exude the angular mesmerism of Interpol’s earlier work, the hooky melodies veer into a poppier territory, and vocally, the genre-fluid visionary transcends archetypes and tropes to deliver pure vulnerable expression. It gives you all the intimacy of bedroom pop, and none of the lo-fi muddiness that has become synonymous with it.

For anyone that resents the plastic feel-good summer tracks released by artists desperate for a brag-worthy chart position, Brand New has all the makings of a realism-soaked playlist staple. The juxtaposition between optimism and soul-tearing sadness is undoubtedly one of the sweetest things I’ve heard this year. That is until the release of his EP, Vacation Blues, on August 26th.

In his own words, here is what Denim Blue said about his release

“Brand New is a bittersweet song; happy and pleasant, yet sad and reminiscent of the past. I wanted it to be perplexing; like the emotions that come to fruition when reminded of the past. I created a soundscape of summer, bright and melodic, with a sadder yet playful undertone in the lyrics, which are about struggling to let go – even if it is for the better. I recorded it about two years ago and kept returning to it with a good feeling. I hope others will get a good feeling from it too.”

Brand New is now available to stream on Spotify.

Connect with Denim Blue on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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