Spice Lo releases R&B track ‘For The Moment’

Sometimes a single effect can change a whole movement in music. Where would rock be without distortion? Where would ambient be without delay? Well, Spice Lo is making the case for filtering to make its presence known and creating a soundscape built on carefully chosen frequencies and some layered, auto-tuned vocals that sway in delivery but stutter in post. Everything from pads to basses to leads to drums has filters of varying resonance and frequencies.

For the Moment is an expressive track that makes the most out of each available element. Spice Lo hit a rare peak of feeling both confident and vulnerable. If that’s not a winning combination for fans, I can’t imagine anything that is. The lyrics aren’t 1-dimensional and seem to really resonate with the complex nature of how people feel in relationships. This is Spice Lo’s forte as a presence in the music. Beyond that, the music feels very alive and each layer has its own flavor to add, complimenting that emotional spectrum laid out by the vocals.

There aren’t many frills here. There is a performance that is passionate, but not bombastic. There are instrumentals that are similarly designed, but carefully distinct from each other. A track like this takes effort and the payoff is sweet. For the Moment is not a track to sleep on and Spice Lo definitely deserves to be labeled as someone to watch.

-Paul Weyer

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