Spank are here with joyfully different indie-rock ”Mr. Rogers Buzz”

Denton, Texas Indie Funk Blues band Spank are back with a new groovy dude single and it’s a pleasant break from the world. This is old school stuff with lots of solos and breaks from the skillful drummer and bassist. I really enjoyed this and was lost for a while while grooving along to this new track. A perfect theme track to a series from the 70’s show I could see Hyde rocking in his shades while dancing to this with Celso.

These guys love fusing rock, funk, blues, jazz, and r&b into their songs and the sound is so uniquely awesome. I imagine seeing Spank jamming away at a festival with smoke filled crowds all happy and dancing to these chilled tunes. The main theme here is that the guys don’t take themselves too seriously and this track is all about just having fun. They do speak about being careful in the party scene as it can wear you out. Solid advice here from their friend ”Mr. Rogers Buzz”.

Click on their Youtube channel for more groovy vibes from the Texas outfit with lots of soul.

To find out more about their next tours I’d check out their Facebook.

They boys seem more active on Insta so also check them out there too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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