Spadey – Poured Up: Finally, A Refreshing Hip Hop Track About Getting Twisted

Usually excessive effects over vocals will grate on me like nails on a chalk board, yet Spadey pulled something miraculous out of the bag with his latest Hip Hop single Poured Up. Despite his latest single being a Lo Fi mix, it was polished to perfection to provide the perfect amount of bounce to the beat.

The inventively playful lyrics are just another aspect of the track which makes it one of those devilishly morish tracks you can’t just listen to once. With the amount of hype that swells over around every single second of the track it’s no surprise that Hip Hop Rap fans all over the world have found an appetite for Spadey’s experimentally organic track which you’re almost definitely going to want to stick on your party playlists after you’ve soaked up the high-vibe beats. If the lyrics, beat and flawless versing weren’t enough to sell Spadey’s sound then his charisma which he allows to bleed all over the track will undoubtedly leave you wanting to hear more of the Dubtown, US based artists mixes.

You can check out Spadey’s latest single Poured up by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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