Southsea’s MATTE! brings ambiance to wild world with new single ‘’’Aurora’’

There is something quite comforting about this new track from ‘MATTE!’. I feel like it would be perfect late at night while just chilling with friends after a late night out. The perfect tonic from those busy crowds.

‘MATTE!’ is the alias of James Dinsdale, an electronic music producer from Southsea in England. He combines minimal electronic and lo-fi house vibes, his use of layered rhythmic elements and deep bass, shows off his signature style which is really soul-clenching. In a good way.

After being in bands when he was younger, I get the feeling that ‘MATTE!’ makes music for fun now and for that, I applaud him. The music scene is fickle and the whole point of music is to inspire and reach the real music fans. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind his music featured in a series, advert or movie of course, but this is someone who sees the bigger picture. Music is meant to be pure.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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