South Of Summer – Lost in December: Electrifying Grungy Acoustic Rock

Are you in the mood for an act whose artistic mission is to bring back the 90’s acoustic foot-tapping rock music? If this is you, you might have just found your jam of the day.

South Of Summer is a grungy and sometimes acoustic rock act from Manchester, UK. With them, you know clearly what to expect. They draw their influence from Seattle’s early 90’s grunge scene and all things mainstream 90’s rock really. Music that is best enjoyed with a glass of scotch. By people who appreciate long-haired guys in jeans, even if they don’t have long hair themselves.

I find a compositional completeness in “Lost in December”. It’s a song that features all the elements that we love about this sound, in an exciting volume: Grungy guitar riffs and acoustic ones, a chorus that it’s strong enough to break your heart and a highly competent singer. Everything is in place with this song. Even the production is a bit 90s. If I hadn’t read their bio, I might have thought that they might have been an underground band that is around for 30 years without any mainstream success except opening up for Counting Crows once. But they only formed in late 2019.

Listen to “Lost in December” here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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