South-East London’s F Boy Tony shows us the legacy on ‘Always!?’

After growing up in the hood where the semi-automatic could click at any second if tensions rose too much, F Boy Tony plans to win and delves into the mentality needed to survive and flourish in style on ‘Always!?

F Boy Tony is a South-East London, UK-based singer-songwriter who creates Afro-swing and Hip-hop truths about hardship, humour, and his promiscuity.

Growing up, Tony tried his hand at art and design and graphics before deciding that music is where his heart resides, pushing him to put his all into becoming a successful singer/songwriter.” ~ F Boy Tony

Taking off his shirt to show us into his world as he feels invincible right now, F Boy Tony flexes his chest out proudly and blends in real stories with a top beat that shreds through the speakers and takes him to that promised land he has visualized like an Olympic athlete.

Always!?‘ from the SE London artist F Boy Tony, is a graphic music video that is a statement expressional moment to remember about how he feels right now. This is an artist who is riding high and never feels like this is going to end, as the grind-first attitude takes him to places that others just dream about as they are too busy sleeping. With the foggy nights far away from his current focus, this is an anthem for anyone who needs to see what it actually takes to turn thoughts into reality.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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