South Bend Emcee Melodic Prophet sends us healing message with ”Wounded Warriors”

The beat flows through the mic like a smooth dance move. This is uplifting Hip Hop with a conscious mindset. Our mind is so powerful and Indiana’s Melodic Prophet truly gets this and sends us this positive message. Life is a struggle and there are lots of challenges with so many detours that you need a compass to find the way sometimes.

We will pick up injuries but if we keep strong and have that positive mindset, beautiful things will happen. ”Wounded Warriors” has such a real message and the world needs more of this and less mumble rap and poor role models rapping about absolutely nothing of substance.

Melodic Prophet feels like one of those underrated and underground emcee’s that not enough of the world knows about. My mission is to share his music to as many Hip Hop heads as possible. You can feel his genuine soul and he is thoughtful. With lyrics penned to assist the world and inspire, Melodic Prophet deserves more love from the music community.

Check out this deep emcee’s Facebook page to get news of future gigs and more info on what’s going down.

To hear this track then you should click right here on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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