A Soulful Blend Of Folk And Funk “Bitter Mind” Is Samuel J.Lawrence Brand New Hit

“Bitter Mind” is just one of those songs that feels good. It does not only feel good because of the passionately soulful raw vocals or the groovy bass line. It also feels good because of the way it shifts drastically but seamlessly from a slow mellow guitar driven narrative into a funky, uplifting tune with an extremely catchy chorus. Through these two very different sections Samuel J.Lawrence’s sound is presented as an authentic blend of soul, folk, rock and funk with just the right balance.

The first section of the song, featuring the natural flowing guitar lines and Samuel J’s raw vocal is already enough to show that this tune is going to be a big success. From the very first few dung notes it is clear to see that the vocal tone can express a myriad of soulful colours but the fact that this is blended in with a folk element makes it even more intriguing. The drastic change happening around one minute into the song was definitely a pleasant surprise and without a doubt this section keeps unraveling Samuel J’s passionate vocal as well as a juicy bass groove that will just make you smile. This song is definitely one of those gems which you cannot ignore. Give it a listen and you’ll know it’s true.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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