Soul Searching through space and time

Timeless is a word that is banded around far too much but sometimes there really is no better word to be applied and listening to Time and Again you quickly realise that this is one of those times. It does start off down an old-school hip-hop beat but the grooves and subtle embellishments that gradually get subsumed into its musical will come from a host of earlier ages and styles. Jazz horns blow sultry and smooth, organs swell and saunter in the background, soulful vibes abound and the whole thing just sounds like the house band of a nightclub which exists outside space and time but which has doors that access every musical scene that mattered.

And for all that it doesn’t sound dated or a mere pastiche, more a continuation of a great musical story or a number of great stories which have now become intertwined and part of a much bigger tale. If you look up the phrase “effortlessly cool” in an online thesaurus, it has a link to the bands website. Possibly.

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