Soul, moody electronic pop and rock converge in NAURIA’s debut single ‘Girlfriend Material’

Dublin-based pop singer-songwriter, NAURIA has released her enliveningly soulful debut single ‘Girlfriend Material’ and left us enraptured with her uniquely captivating vocals and stylish mash of soul, moody electronic pop and rock.

Even while avoiding every archetypal pop cliché in the book, NAURIA created an infectious hook-laden earworm capable of amping up the energy in any room, but Girlfriend Material is so much more than just an energetic feat of pop.

The delivery of the message adds a resounding amount of depth to the release. The frustration which manifests when men attempt to adopt women and think they’re doing them a favour is palpable. It’s an essential anthem for anyone who doesn’t find the prospect of being ‘wifed’ by someone in a desperate bid to ‘settle down’ attractive . I feel like every incel in the world needs to hear this track.

You can check out NAURIA’s single via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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