SoMuchSoul – Comfortable: Transcendentally Fiery Trap Pop

You’d think that an artist named SoMuchSoul would end up setting unrealistic expectations for just how much soul is found in his soundscapes. But with his latest single “Comfortable” it became clear that the name was well earned.

Comfortable combines Pop with elements of R&B and Trap to create a smooth yet fiery mix which pulls you in from the teasing prelude and leads you into a downtempo rabbit hole. With comfortable, you get the rough with the smooth, as the beat is for the most part is a transcendentally layered dreamscape of the sweet, trickling and chiming synth with the steady kick of the dampened 808s providing the structure. While SoMuchSoul’s vocals are deep and reverberantly hypnotic as they lay down the sweetly reticently lyrics.

Laxcity is clearly the go to producer for creating cathartically raw Pop with the perfect pinch of Urban infusion.

You can check out SoMuchSoul’s latest single Comfortable for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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