Something Special: Strange and the Familiars are compellingly brilliant on ‘This Is a Test’

Moving on from romantic themes they performed before, Strange and the Familiars are quite superlative on the jazzy/rock and soul filled new single ‘This Is a Test‘.

Strange and the Familiars is a 4-piece Portland, USA-based indie genre-defying band who are lead by the scintillating lead singer Stephanie Strange.

Taken off their latest 9-track album ‘Strange World‘, this is a mesmerizing effort from a band at the peak of the creative powers, with a truly ear-warming vocal experience that certainly perks your ears up like a curious kitty cat.

Combining crafted lyrics laced with dark humor, with rock and blues guitar and orchestral cello and drums, Strange leads captivated audiences from a neighborhood in NE Portland to the dreamscape and back home where humanity sits at a crossroads.” ~ Strange and the Familiars

This Is a Test‘ from the incredible Portland-based indie jazz/rock/soul outfit Strange and the Familiars, is one of those rare songs that gets your reflective mind into a whole new world of facination beyond comprehension at times. There is a real world class quality to swim into here as you go underwater, that takes your mind away from all worries. This is definately one of the more absorbing songs you will hear all year, as there is something extra special to investigate like Sherlock Holmes would.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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