Sol’le – Best for You and Me: A Melodically Fierce Urban Ballad

“Best for You and Me” is one of the singles to feature on the op and coming recording artist Sol’le’s debut album release “Imagine Proclamation”. The release serves as a proclamation to the fact that even though she may have started her career as a rapper, she still has a melodic command over a myriad of different styles. Best for You and Me stands as a testament to her vocal diversity and dynamic tonality, with the natural talent she possesses it’s hard to see how she’ll remain on the underground for long. Whilst the beat carried an easy and natural vibe and the vocals were unquestionably inviting it was easy to feel that the lyrics behind Best for You and Me weren’t really a product of expression, but they merely fit into the melody due to the fairly obvious rhyming patterns. Which may have been a consequence of the Rap/melodic Pop mash up, but they still slightly retracted from the resonance of the single.

You can check out Sol’le’s single Best for You and Me for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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