London-based music producer Noakko stuns our captivated senses with ‘We Sleep as the World Spins’

With intricate inspiration gained from the likes of Joy Orbison, Skee Mask and Machinedrum, Noakko sends us into another dimension altogether with the dancefloor body slider that is ‘We Sleep as the World Spins‘.

Eshan Ashcroft aka Noakko is a London, UK-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist who soars with breakbeat and electronica to soothe our souls from any trauma.

Having already played at the likes of Ministry of Sound, Eshan is making a concerted effort to dial things back for his debut E.P, instead choosing to curate intimate settings across London’s record stores and underground music venues.” ~ Noakko

Exhibiting quality felt at every corner of the room as the dripping sweat pours all over your drenched face, Noakko thrills our alert senses with a sumptuous performance that shall have you enthralled with each detail that has been expertly projected with magnificent aplomb.

I suppose the main inspiration at the time was reflecting in my downtime in the midst of the pandemic. What kind of music I wanted to create that is a bit of me whilst simultaneously being transferable to nightlife in London.” ~ Noakko

We Sleep as the World Spins‘ from the well-respected and much-loved London-based music producer and multi-instrumentalist Noakko, is a bass-thumping single that is never too hard to enjoy. He seems to get the balance just right, with mysterious soundscapes from another galaxy that shakes your mindset into shape just right. This is a searing single that has your heart glowing from the electric energy – as you imagine dancing all night – to such a splendid track filled with that world-class feeling you just know is there.

Hear this fresh new speaker-sizzling track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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