Soapbox Marathon – Big Sad Through the Window: Concordantly Cathartic Indie Rock

When It Rains... by Soapbox Marathon

Don’t let the title to Soapbox Marathon’s latest single “Big Sad Through the Window” fool you, whilst it may seem particularly twee, the Sheffield-based band possess a synergetic energy which feeds plenty of ethereal, mature, sonorous emotion into their sound.

Even though the single may be short and sweet at 2:23-minutes long, I only needed the first verse to tell me that Soapbox Marathon possess the pioneering vision, concordant rhythm and the ability to arrange a song that you’ll want to listen to time and time again.

With haunting elements of Shoegaze, Britpop and Indie mixed with Jazzy undertones, the ethereal power of the Big Sad Through the Window won’t fail to leave you enamoured, and that’s all without mentioning the harmonious dynamics of the vocals which feed into the hypnotic melody.

You can check out Soapbox Marathon’s adorably titled latest single via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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