So High: Authentic Armenian-American artist Angela Mona wants to get out of this maze on the incredible ‘Deadible’

With a luscious ambient feel to proceedings that are brewed softly with some of the most gorgeous vocals you will hear all year, Angela Mona feels like she is trapped and doesn’t quite know yet how to get out with her latest gem called ‘Deadible‘.

Angela Mona is a Murrieta, California-raised, Arizona-born Armenian-American indie alternative singer-songwriter and pianist.

We find a truly inspiring young woman realizing her vast potential here – who has recently realized her worth – and is inspired by self-improvement and the sweet sounds of Jazz, Blues and RnB.

From speaking late as a toddler to writing intense lyrics and melodies since 12 years of age- Angela had soon accepted her potential, fighting back negative comments and arrogant laughs. While she endured heavy peer pressure, health issues from a young age, and witnessed family financial struggles of their own; her unstoppable, eager sense of drive to prove her capability and strength remains persistent.” ~ Angela Mona

After taking a short break to regain that much-needed thick skin needed to survive a planet that is full of smug small-minded fools who want to see you fail, Angela Mona sings with such genuine beauty as each word is so meaningful. There is a crystal clear vocal ability for all to lather into that will suddenly have you seeing hairs appear on your body that were unknown before.

Deadible‘ from the brave Armenian-American indie singer-songwriter and pianist Angela Mona, is a dark-pop track laced with so much honesty it might take a few listens to fully digest. This is the story about sparking up just to forget all the trauma in the world but reaching a point when you just can’t sleep, as you feel that everything is just so overwhelming currently.

With a relevant message for so many who feel like they are constantly being locked inside with no escape, this is a spectacular track that is a real eye-opener at a time where we all need so much love to emerge from our own anxiety-filled minds.

Hear a hidden angel shine so bright on Spotify and take a look into her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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