Snir Yamin – Twenty Three: Potently Immersive Pop

With a Lynchian style prelude, Snir Yamin’s latest sweet yet synergistically moody Pop hit “Twenty Three” unravels and introduces a decadently soulful aural offering.

To say that the style of the up and coming artist’s fourth single is distinctive almost feels like an understatement, with few artists to compare the singer-songwriter to it’s clear that he’s going to have no trouble in standing out from the rest of the crowd and ascending the charts.

In the instrumental arrangement, the acoustic melody fuses with the rhythm of the digital effect to immerse you in an eclectically sobering soundscape with plenty of potent high-octane emotion weaved into the easy listening single. With the reverb which pours from the electric guitar before the outro the single transgresses from a sweetly melodic hit into a sonic work of alchemy.

You can check out Snir Yamin’s latest single Twenty Three for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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