Snds’ New Track “Where To Go” Is Sure To Have You Dancing Along

When it comes to pop music there are hundreds of stylistic variations but there is just that one type that will immediately make you feel good just a few seconds after pressing play the first time. “Where To Go” happens to be one of those tracks and with its steady groove and catchy lyrics it is difficult to resist moving along to this song. From the very first few seconds the driving rhythm instantly creates a laid back cool vibe and as the other instruments join in, the track becomes more and more fun by the second, making for a great end-of-summer tune which will definitely put everyone in the mood for some more good nights out.

Apart from having a fresh instrumental arrangement, SnDs gives us a song with a tuneful vocal melody, sung with a warm and distinctive tone,and a well balanced set of instruments which suit the mood and give just the right amount of energy to the song, making it appealing for a varied audience. The structure simply carries you along with the groove and before you know it you will be pressing play again!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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