Sly Tunes Releases New Track “Kyr11e” Prod. By Cashmoneyap

Sly Tunes is a young upcoming hip hop artist who is ready to climb to the top while also enjoying the ride. In his brand new track “KYR11E,” while comparing his competitive and determined attitude to that of renowned basketball player Kyrie Irving, Sly Tunes also displays his musical abilities and strong attitude towards his goals and career. Ready to change the game in his speciality, which is hip hop. Sly Tunes delivers his message in a steady flow with suitable rhythmic and melodic fluctuations throughout the song.

The relation the song has to this renowned basketball player is not the only thing that makes it interesting. Apart from a relaxed bouncy beat that sets the mood for the lyrics, “KYR11E” also features a catchy chorus which makes the song memorable and distinguishable from the rest. With just the right amount of autotune to add melodic shape without taking away too much of the natural vocal tones, the song also features a good balance between rap verses and a more melodic chorus. Sly Tunes seems to know what he wants, and that is to strive for the top like the best always do, all this while also maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable vibe throughout his music.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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