Sly Da’ Schola – Chopped Cheese: The Real Slim Shady Has Just Stood Up.

Jamaica Queens New York based beat master Sly Da’ Schola possesses a relentless rhythm that puts most Hip Hop Rap artists to shame. His latest track Chopped Cheese produced by Petruccio x JosBeats was dropped in January 2018, the mix didn’t wait around long to go viral, it’s no wonder why with his own Slim Shady Identity that makes Sly more of an enigma than a Hip Hop artist.

In his latest track his stampede of a vocal flow is put against a stylish up-tempo Hip Hop Trap beat, the lyrics transcend poetry and are driven into hilarity. Pseudo macho lyrics aren’t usually my bag, yet Sly’s lyrics contend with Chris Rocks humour, and yes, the track actually is about chopped cheese. The track is the latest new release off Sly’s debut EP ‘Be Back in 6’.

To check out the dope new hit, head on over to SoundCloud and enjoy Sly’s potent new beat.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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