Sly Antics Live Review – A Soulfully Dirty Experience That’s Not to be Missed by Alt Indie Fans

Sly Antics / The Bread Shed Manchester / 03/03/2018

Even the disgustingly bitter grips of winter didn’t stop Sly Antics’ loyal crowd from flocking to The Bread Shed on a truly dismal Saturday evening in Manchester. In fact, in all my years attending gigs, I can’t recollect a time when there was so much hyped up energy bouncing round the audience. There were no dreary faces in sight, just the expression from awestruck fans of the Manchester based Alternative Indie trio that exuded their instantly iconic pioneering sound with such ethereal energy, the atmosphere could only be defined as electric.

The charisma of vocalist and guitarist is something I massively underestimated before getting treated to live renditions of some of the most raucous sounds around on the scene today. It really is no wonder Radio 1 have dubbed Sly Antics as ones to watch. With their angular guitars, deep and soulfully-edgy Indie vocals and insanely tight drumming that gives your rib cage a run for its money, there really is no fault to be found within this absolute powerhouse of talent.

Sly Antics first formed back in 2016 with their unforgettable EP Captive City which is home to the sensational anthem Lights Go Down which may have been the dirtiest Pop-Rock sound I’ve ever tantalised my ear drums with, the soaring riffs in that track are surely enough to get the guitarist recognised as a blindingly talented contemporary guitar hero.

I had the pleasure of seeing Sly Antics as they introduced their brand new single Sunday Fear which is now available to listen to via Spotify:

Head on over to Sly Antics website for details of their tour & to buy some pretty kick ass merch:

Follow Sly Antics on Twitter @SlyAntics

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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